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Ways to fit Blue in Interiors

Blue can be strong, subtle, cool or moody. And I find blue as a universal favorite.

The versatile color can be used in multiple shades to liven up a grey or white neutral interior space.

Use navy blue with grey and white, you get a bachelor pad. Use powder blue with white and blush, a unique pastel space. Sky blue and white will give you a Greek vibe.

Check out some of our projects in blue.

Formal Living Room

A bespoke living room overlooking the lush greens of the backyard invites so much natural light throughout the day. The highlight of this space is the beautiful, accented Italian marble clad as the backdrop to the living room and wooden rafters that continue to the ceiling. One can add drama to the space while hosting parties with those profile lights. The blue upholstery gives a playful yet luxurious look to the space.

Minimalist Living Room

The minimalist living room has navy blue backdrop against blush sofas.

This is just the place to chill with your friends.

Mediterranean Guest Bedroom

Want to experience some beachy vibe? Then indulge in a combination of sky blue and white. This bedroom reminds us of Santorini. A white wooden bed with an oceanic backdrop. This arrangement is just so calm and soothing.

English Countryside Kitchen

Keeping in mind that the kitchen is the heart of a home and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, we designed this kitchen with glossy powder blue kitchen cabinets complimenting the white quartz and overhead storage. The kitchen is colorful and calming, not overly bright or overwhelming. Achieving this balance was the goal.

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