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Why do you need false ceiling?

Sometimes you walk into a space and get awed looking at a beautiful ceiling? Well, that's the charm of a well designed false ceiling. Also known as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, T-bar ceiling as well as ceiling tiles.

False ceiling is provided below the roof slab with suspended supports. False ceiling can be done using multiple materials, naming a few - Gypsum boards, plaster of paris (POP), solid wood, MDF, acrylic, veneer, etc.


False ceiling has both aesthetic and functional benefits as enlisted below.

Aesthetic Benefits

  1. It provides beauty to the2qsr5rr5 space. The ceiling looks neat and gives a very sophisticated look to the space. It can be achieved in an array of design and lighting options.

  2. It gives a base to all kinds of decorative lights and fans. And you will not need any lighting on the walls. This I think is paramount, one can distribute the light evenly throughout the room, without having any dark corners. Also it is helpful in planning mood lighting for a space and the coves provide diffused lighting. So the design quotient reaches another level altogether.

  3. By lowering the ceiling, rooms with high ceilings become more cozy and intimate.

  4. Easy to install (of course that depends on the selection of material).

  5. Most importantly, it hides all the services running in the ceiling like electrical wires, HVAC ducts, pipes as well as fire sprinkler pipes.

Functional Benefits

  1. Acoustics - It makes the room sound proof as well as absorbs excess sound to provide a good sound environment.

  2. Thermal Insulation - The plenum space traps heat, preventing it to flow into the room.

  3. Energy Efficiency - With reduced height and coziness, air conditioning is optimized, hence reduced electricity bills.


  1. Reduces ceiling height. Even though that helps make a space cozy, its not ideal for spaces with low ceiling height. The low heighted space can become suffocating and claustrophobic. Apartments with low ceiling height should try avoiding it.

  2. It is a haven for pests. If not sealed properly or if there is any leakage on the floor above, humidity in this space will lead to breeding of unwanted insects.

  3. If not designed well, it can also make the same space look ugly.

  4. Risk of fixtures falling off. Now that is a very rare scenario, so one needs to understand that false ceiling cannot take the weight of very heavy fixtures, chandeliers or fans, so they must be hung directly to the concrete ceiling.

The final question - whether one should opt for false ceiling or not?

The answer is definitely a 'YES'. Keeping a few pointers in mind, the false ceiling will only elevate the aesthetics of the space and also make it look premium. It has to be designed with proper planning, main pointers are as follows-

  1. Furniture layout does impact the design of false ceiling as well as lighting design.

  2. Right consideration of level of false ceiling from the finished floor level.

  3. Knowing the depth of light fixture to be used.

  4. Deciding the right material - moisture levels in the plenum impacting the material being used.

  5. Access to the plenum, just in case there are HVAC ducts or plumbing pipes running above the false ceiling which may need regular maintenance.

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